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Beth Anderson
Stylist. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Teacher. Boss. Mother. Daughter. Friend.


I’m Beth Anderson, owner of Style by Beth, although you probably know me better as the blogger and mastermind behind ChicGalleria.com. I’ve worked for over 11 years with huge magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Lucky to name a few. Yes, I’ve collaborated with some amazing designers, brands, and celebrities, too. Needless to say, I’ve been extremely blessed to have been given the opportunities I’ve had over the years. Plus, I’ve busted my butt and worked hard! Owning your own company can be both a blessing and a curse.


Much has changed over the last 11 years in both my business life and my personal life. My children are now grown and off on new adventures, my divorce sent me into bankruptcy, I moved across the United States and back, and now I’m helping by brother look after our parents. I share this with you because this is why I started my personal capsule wardrobe. Life changed. Things happened. I’m now living my life with a much different mindset. I live and breathe my wardrobe philosophy. I also feel very strongly that I can HELP you! We all go through life changes. I get it!


So what is Style by Beth all about? What is the concept of a “capsule” wardrobe? My specialty is helping you create a mixable wardrobe. I can help you revamp your wardrobe so that it’s a functional minimalist collection. By following my journey, you will discover a style all your own that looks polished, chic, and confident.


Through e-books, free guides, virtual style consultations, a Facebook community, guest lectures and more. I’ve helped thousands of naked women get dressed in the morning with a new found confidence.


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YOU, my readers, are my 100% priority, almost like my family. I hope you’ll stay on my website now and I surely hope you’ll be back again and again. Please leave me comments. I want you to share your stories with me. I want to HEAR from YOU!


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